My approach is to create a place of trust where people feel comfortable to explore their circumstances, challenges or goals. Those who I work alongside will get the opportunity to reflect, be encouraged to seek creative solutions and be supported as they make progress. To this end, I facilitate teams or individuals across the following spheres.


Educational planning

Paul Sturrock planning a meeting

School principals and decision-makers occasionally need an objective, understanding and neutral person with whom to discuss challenges and opportunities that arise in the educational sector. I am such a person and am able to help them leverage their strengths, overcome challenges, set and reach goals, and plan action strategies. I facilitate this through two channels:

  • Individual coaching for principals and other decision-makers;
  • Workshop facilitation: trust building, conflict resolution and improving communication.

Business Coaching

Paul Sturrock - Business coaching themed content

Being an entrepreneur or small business owner can be a rewarding, but thoroughly stressful undertaking. I come alongside my client as a supportive voice and business mentor, acting as a sounding board for business strategy and providing accountability through the business development process. Together we’ll implement goals, resolve conflict, manage resources and tackle the challenges of business effectively through the following channel:

  • Individual coaching for entrepreneurs and small business owners, goal setting, communication strategies and building a strong business vision.

Non-profit Facilitation

Paul Sturrock facilitating and mentoring non-profit organization

Non-profit organisations face unique challenges. Strategic direction and purpose are often stumbling blocks to the exceptional work that these organisations do. I collaborate with the  decision-makers of these organisations to help bring cohesion to teams, set achievable goals and generate appropriate courses of action. Some of the skills that I’ll impart include actionable goal setting and developmental guidance. My work in this area takes either of the following two forms:

  • Individual coaching for leaders, CEOs and other decision-makers;
  • Workshop facilitation: conflict resolution; goal setting, improving communication; best practice awareness and strategic planning.

Personal development

Paul Sturrock - personal development coaching

Life is not without its challenges. A big transition, an important decision, improving a relationship, stress: these can be difficult to negotiate alone. That’s where I can help. I create a safe space where my client can explore their next step. I offer emotional and practical support, giving time to reflect and discover creative solutions. This is achieved through:

  • One-on-one coaching: An introductory session followed by 8 weekly meetups covering topics such as anxiety and stress management, self-esteem challenges and strategies for dealing with change.
  • Mindfulness coaching: A process of developing the discipline of mindfulness as a powerful way of managing stress and anxiety and allowing people to be more present in their social and professional lives.