3 simple ways to deal with change.

Change in the workplace is unavoidable. Occasionally, we get lucky and it falls within our control. But most often it doesn’t. Every business goes through reorganisations or takes on new staff. It’s the nature of the game. Fortunately, there are strategies that can help us adapt, deal with, and even take advantage of change. Here are 3 ways of dealing with change.

Find the humour in it.

Trying to find the funny side of an otherwise unfunny situation can be a great way to diffuse the situation and help you cope with the change. But Paul, surely it’s not always appropriate to find the humour? Well sure. Be mindful. It’s more about seeing the situation from a different perspective. They call it reframing. And it can help dramatically reduce the tension that change might place on you.

Don’t stress out about stressing out.

Stanford psychologist Kelly McGonigal suggests that your reaction to stress can have a greater impact on your health the stress itself. Simply put. If you believe stress kills you, it will. If you believe stress helps you persevere, you’ll likely grow more resilient. When you start stressing, ask yourself what your stress is trying to help you accomplish.

Take action.

If the unwanted change is within your control, take an active approach to dealing with it. There are plenty of great problem solving techniques out there for you to try. Alternatively, set some goals to proactively address any challenges. Focus on the problem at hand, ask for advice or help, develop a POA and go for it.